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Format: Children's Factual Television 130 x 24 min episodes

Executive Producer: Geoff Cooper

Series Producer: Stephen Waller

Editors: Pip Hart, Tim McErlean

Year: 2018

BrainBuzz is an Australian children's show on 9Go! from 19 February 2018, starring Kellyn Morris, scientist Clare Van Dorssen and Michael Balk. The series involves children who explore, dissect and solve many of the world's frequently asked questions and has been described as "science by stealth". The program was filmed at the QTQ Studio in Brisbane, Australia.

As Senior Editor I came up with a lot of the style and look of BrainBuzz. We edited the program online so the editors not only cut the show, did the colour grade and sound design but also a lot of VFX work. In this package about communication I created and composited about 95% of the visual effects you can see. Across the 2 seasons we edited 130 twenty-four minute episodes.

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