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Words from the people I've worked with...

It's been amazing working with Pip Hart as my editor on 'A Royal Proposal: A Royal in Paradise Il'. Not only was she able to so often read my mind and deliver exactly what I wanted without me even asking, but she had so many original ideas that were waaay better than what I'd planned! Like every good editor, she was like a soldier fighting alongside me, pushing to make the movie as good as it could be.

- Adrian Powers, Co-Writer and Director A Royal Proposal: A Royal In Paradise II  

Pip has an acute eye for detail, tone, style and structure. She did more than just edit our project - she completely understood what we wanted to achieve and offered clever suggestions that ultimately elevated the story. Nothing was too much trouble for Pip and she was a calm presence in the hectic post turn around required for our film. But not only is she a brilliant editor, she’s also great fun and an absolute pleasure to work with! I’m hoping to work with Pip on future projects.

- Tanya Modini, Writer and Co-Director The Moths Will Eat Them Up 

Pip has become an absolutely invaluable part of this team and the level of care she's shown to this story just shines throughout the film. It could have so easily become a mean and nasty story but instead it's grown into something warm and uplifting - that both sheds light on an industry that not many people know about and shows each woman on screen as the amazing, strong and kind people that they are. Despite our delays due to covid she was incredibly professional and flexible, and the suggestions she brought to the table are some of my favourite elements in the documentary. Not only are we so pleased with her work but the stakeholders and financiers commented on how great the edit was too. Hire her now!

- Ewan Cutler, Co-Director Sistas In Mining 

Pip Hart is an exceptional editor and a wonderful collaborator. Her work on "The Mother Load" was exemplary, drawing praise from some of the industry's most renowned screen practitioners. Pip approaches her work with a strong understanding and respect for story, character, tone and style, and carefully balances technique with artistic vision for a project. Pip's not afraid of hard work - I've even see her create a VFX shot from scratch because she was determined that it would better the story! If you're looking for an editor who is truly in service to telling a great story, then Pip's the one. 

- Loani Arman, Director The Mother Load, Our Greatest Escape, My Body Says 

The projects I’ve worked on with Pip were very different from one another – a kids comedy series and high-end nature documentary series. However, she nailed the style and tone in each perfectly and, in fact, was instrumental in developing those aspects. Pip is exceptionally fast and precise, without ever conceding quality. She has a wonderfully calm nature and communicates very well. She doesn’t just point out problems, but always offers solutions. Sounds like the unicorn dream editor? I know.  I’d love to keep her secret because I’ve rarely found her equal in 30-odd years.

- Sky Kinninmont, Series Producer You're Called What?!, Wildest Places

Pip Hart is not only a very Intelligent and Talented Editor, but she is also a pleasure to work with. Her editing is seamless and there was not an obstacle that she could not overcome. Since working with Pip, she will always be my first point of contact when choosing an Editor in the future. I look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes in her field.

- Melissa Crabtree, Producer The Mother Load 

Pip has the ability to capture your vision and find moments you didn’t even know were there. She understands tone, story and the heart of projects she works on. There are a lot of jokes in Crush (Tropfest 2019) that were visual and reliant on the editing choices, a lot of those were Pip’s contribution to the film. Pip knows how to take footage, embrace it and make it into the best product it can be. I believe that your editor is your co-director and Pip is that to me. She’s great to collaborate with and is encouraging and respectful of your role and vision. She definitely “crushed” the edit of Crush (forgive the pun). She’s my favourite editor (shh don’t tell anyone).

- Leela Varghese, Director Crush, Furbulous

It can be tricky to find someone who’ll go beyond what’s on the page, but Pip was always open to explore new opportunities to engage the audience, enrich the narrative and inject new ideas. The creativity and inventiveness she brought to the table made working with her such a fun and easy experience. And her open collaborative approach meant we could always find an interesting and unique way to tell stories. In my experience, you can always tell a project Pip has worked on by the way it leaps from the screen.

- Dominic Morris, Series Producer SMASHHDOWN! 

Pip is one of the best editors I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside. She has fantastic timing, pacing and tone and is always finding ways to elevate an edit to the next level. Most importantly, Pip is a great story teller (her contributions kinda make any post-producer look good!) And bonus – she’s also a really lovely person!

- Jane Adcroft, Series Producer Totally Wild 

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