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Jumpin' Beds 

Format: Music video 

Artist: Meredith 

Director: Danny McShane

Editor: Pip Hart

Year: 2014

Brisbane based musician Meredith effortlessly fuses lo-fi indie production with heartfelt and warm folk-infused lyricism. Her new track “Jumpin Beds” is a lovely example of this, evident in the music video featured below. The clip was shot in Brisbane’s urban centre, creating a portrait of isolation that is reflective, says Meredith, of the life she was living when the song was written. “The inspiration from the clip came from the story in the lyrics, depicting a transitioning stage in my life where I was constantly packing up a bag and heading to different homes. I didn’t have my own house and nowhere really felt like home – it seemed like I was living in a constant state of change.”


“We took a documentary style approach to filming the clip”, says Danny McShane the clips director. “We didn’t have a crew, we just took a camera out and went around stealing locations. We didn’t plan much either, we just wanted to capture that feeling of isolation you get when your life is in transit and then show the process of transforming that loneliness into something more positive through music.” “It was a lot of fun to film, and it’s cool to have a little memory of my life at the time – in film form,” Meredith adds. Check out the clip below!

 c-heads magazine, 04 Dec 2014

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