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The Mother Load

Format: Series proof of concept

Producer: Melissa Crabtree

Writer & Director: Loani Arman

Editor: Pip Hart

Year: 2018

Twenty-five year old Kali Diaz’s life is a mess. She’s a fuck up and proud of it. She lives in a shit hole; makes careless decisions on the reg; parties hard; and treats casual sex like a sport. Kali is in no hurry to grow up. But why should she? Growing up can come later, right? When Kali gets an unexpected knock at her door one night, she meets a peculiar young girl, Owen, who drops one hell of a bombshell. She claims to be Kali’s daughter - the kid she gave up for adoption ten years ago.


Best Film (QLD) West End Film Festival 2019

Best Pilot at Webfest Berlin 2019

Nominated for Australian Screen Editors Ellie Award 2019

Official Selection for Pilot Light TV Festival 2019

Official selection for SXSW Australia House 2019 

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